Why Is My Acer Laptop So Slow? (Troubleshooting Guide 2022)

Why Is My Acer Laptop So Slow? (Troubleshooting Guide 2022)

Acer laptops are some of the most popular on the market. This article will help people with the question, “why is my Acer laptop so slow?”. Acer laptops are known for their affordability and reliability.

However, like any other piece of technology, they can sometimes experience problems. If your Acer laptop is running slow, don’t worry- we’re here to help! In this troubleshooting guide, we will walk you through some common causes of this problem and how to fix them.

The reason behind this problem is that there are many viruses and malware which can make your system slow and you need to know how to fix it. You will get all the solutions in a very easy way. When it comes to fixing your laptop or PC slow, there are a lot of methods that will help you to get rid of this problem.

If you are using Windows 10 then you can use an antivirus application. It will scan your computer and remove any malware and virus. You should always install antivirus on your PC as it will save you from lots of problems.

How To Fix An Acer Laptop That’s Running Very Slow?

Why Is My Acer Laptop So Slow?

Try out some basic methods like checking the network connection, changing the battery mode, checking the hardware, and so on, to see if you can fix an Acer laptop that is running slow. 

A full hard drive can cause your laptop to run slow, so try to free up space on your hard drive. You can either manually remove duplicate files or use cleaning software to remove browser history. 

If you want your laptop to work faster, you need to change the power settings. Remove dust from the hardware’s surfaces to prevent it from overheating. If there are any malicious threats present on your laptop, you need to run system updates and remove them.

How To Fix Acer’s Laptop Slow After The Update?

If your laptop is working slowly after an update, you can fix it by checking for corrupted files that may have been downloaded on your laptop, or some updates that couldn’t be downloaded.

If you want to remove corrupted files from your system, you need to use the free software that comes with your computer or the free software that you download from the internet.

To check for pending updates on your laptop, go to the settings menu and select Update and Security from the list. The pending updates will be available in the window, so you can resume the download.

Acer Laptop Is Slow When Charging

When the laptop is getting charged, the battery options are set to power saver mode, which causes the laptop to take a long time to charge. The power-saving mode can be turned off to stop your laptop from being slow while charging.

The battery icon is located in the bottom left corner of your laptop screen. You can choose “Battery” from the left-hand menu when you go to the “Settings” of your laptop.

The option that says “Turn battery saver ON automatically if my battery falls below” should be moved to the extreme left side of the screen. The bar marked “Battery saver status until next charge” can also be turned off.

Acer Laptop Is Slow When Not Plugged In

Most of the systems are programmed to reduce the power usage while working on the battery, which causes the laptop to be slow when the charger is not plugged in. 

The system requires a lot of power to work quickly. When the power consumption is reduced by the settings of the laptop, it will work slowly. Changing the power settings in the Control Panel of your laptop is what you can do to fix this.

Go to the “System settings” on your laptop if you want to change it.

Click on the option that says “Power and Sleep”.

You can open the “Power Options” window by clicking on “Additional Power settings”. There are different power plans in the window like balanced, Maximum Performance, and battery life.

You can change the time after the display turns off and the computer goes to sleep by clicking the power plan. You can open a more elaborate menu of options by going to the “Change Advanced Power settings”.

The settings in these options need to be changed according to your requirements.

Acer Laptop Slow To Startup

There are so many startup programs and autorun administrations running on your LAPTOPS that it can be difficult to start up. This builds the boot time and eases back the booting of the LAPTOPS.

It’s possible to fix this issue by dealing with the startup programs on your laps. You can either get to the “Errand Manager” on your laptops or use a remotely introduced application like CleanMyLAPTOPS to start the “autorun” highlight.

There are instructions for overseeing startup programs from the “Errand Manager”. Go to the “undertaking manager” from the menu if you want to right-click anywhere on the home screen.

From the beginning, it shows the projects that are running on the LAPTOPS. To get to every one of the highlights, tap on the descending bolt and choose more Details’.

The startup tab can be found at the bottom of the screen. When you boot the framework, you will be able to see all of the projects that run alongside Windows. The application’s effect on startup is shown if it is given the go-ahead.

To find out the effect of an application on the framework, right-click an application and go to the “Search Online” choice. It is important to do as such because a few projects are significant for the startup.

Incapacitate the applications that are not necessary for your work by right-tapping on their name. When in doubt, disable! This will disable all useless applications and leave only the essential ones. You’ll find yourself more productive as a result!

Why Is My Acer Nitro 5 Laptop So Slow?

Why Is My Acer Laptop So Slow?

An excessive number of startup programs, battery issues, full hard drive, overheating, and a direct result of malware are some of the causes of the slowness of your ACER Aspire 5 LAPTOPS. There are ways to fix each of these reasons.

If you want to sweep and eliminate all the infections, you should use paid programming like Windows Defender or Bitdefender. If you run an intensive check to find the bad records, you can clean them up later.

If your battery is causing your laptop to dial back, then you should start your lips in the “Experimental Mode”. You can grow the batteries menu by going to the gadget Manager. 

Save the settings if you switch off the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method battery gadget. If you want to restart, switch off the drapes and do it in the usual way.

CleanMyLAPTOPS is an application that can be used to eliminate all the program garbage, copy records, and unused applications to prevent the dialing back of Acer Aspire 5 because of a full hard circle.

It’s possible that overheating is caused by the fact that there’s some leftover over the processor and graphics card. If you want to prevent overheating, you should use liquor and a microfiber material to remove the leftover parts from your system.

If you have an excessive number of startup programs, you should deal with the projects and applications from the settings menu. The auto-run component of the Clean My LAPTOPS application can be used to oversee and impair the auto-run administrations of your LAPTOPS.

Why Is My Acer Aspire 5 Laptop So Slow?

Infections in your computer, battery problems, almost full hard drive, overheating, and too many startup programs are some of the reasons that your laptop may be slow. How you can fix each of these reasons are given below.

Infections in your computer, battery problems, almost full hard drive, overheating, and too many startup programs are some of the reasons that your laptop may be slow. How you can fix each of these reasons are given below.

If you want to remove all the viruses from a computer, you can use built-in software such as Windows Defender or paid software such as Bitdefender. If you install the software on your computer, you can run a check to find the malicious files and clean them afterward.

The “Safe Mode” will start your laptop if your battery is causing it to slow down. The batteries menu can be expanded by going to the device manager. Save the settings if you turn off the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery device. 

If you want to restart the laptop in regular mode, switch it off. You will need to install an application called Clean My PC to remove all the browser junk, duplicate files, and unused applications from your PC if you want to prevent the slowing down of Acer Aspire 5 due to an almost full hard disk. 

Dust may be to blame for the overheating of the computer. To prevent overheating, you will need to use alcohol and a microfiber cloth to remove the dust from your laptop’s graphics card.

Control the programs and applications from the settings menu to manage the slow-down issue of your laptop. The “Autorun” feature of the CleanMyPC application can be used to manage and disable the auto-run services of your laptop.

FAQ: Why Is My Acer Laptop So Slow? 

Is The Acer Aspire E-522 A Slow Laptop?

It’s very slow from day today, and the model I use is the Aspire E-1-522 with the A4 processor. There are suggestions to make it quicker. You need to register or log in to reply because it is so slow to open an excel file.

Why Does Windows 10 Slow Down My Computer?

Windows 10 is vulnerable to viruses and other types of malicious software. They don’t do a lot of damage to your system, but they will slow down your computer. If you are running Windows 10, you can use Windows Defender to get rid of potentially unwanted software on your PC.

How Can I Stop My Acer Laptop From Updating?

To turn off the service, go to the Services window and scroll down to Windows Update. You can turn it off by right-clicking on the process and selecting Disabled. The next option is not practical, but can temporarily block a feature update as well.

How Can I Improve The Performance Of My Acer Laptop?

You will need to download and install the Windows Care Genius on your laptop. If you follow the instructions, you can boost the performance of the Acer laptop. Click Checkup to analyze the whole health status of your sluggish PC after you run the program.

How Can I Speed Up My Acer Laptop?

Click on the Power & Sleep settings if you want to type the power option into the search box. Click the power button if you want it to do something. 

Currently, unavailable settings can be changed by clicking Change settings that are currently unavailable. If you want to start fast, Untick should turn on fast startup. You can save the changes by clicking on them.


After reading this post, I am sure that you will get an effective solution for your problem. If you have any queries regarding these tips then feel free to ask us in the comment section below. 

I hope you liked this post about “Why Is My Acer Laptop So Slow? (Troubleshooting Guide)”. I am sure that now you will have an idea about the reason behind this problem. Now you will be able to solve this problem very easily.

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