Why Is My GPU Not Being Fully Used In Games? Quick Guide 2022

Why Is My GPU Not Being Fully Used In Games

When you look at the list of top free games, you’ll see that there’s a lot of competition in this category. This article will tell you why is my GPU not being fully used in games?

The reason why there is so much competition is that there’s no one right way to create a game. It’s completely up to you what kind of game you want to make.

So, what can you do to ensure that you’re using your graphics processing unit (GPU) to its fullest potential? There are several reasons why you might not be using your GPU to its fullest potential. 

Many games are now being developed using the latest graphics processing units (GPUs). This is a good thing because GPU technology is being adopted by game developers at a staggering rate.

However, many people are wondering why their GPUs aren’t being used to their full potential. They’re not getting the performance they were promised when they purchased the graphics card. 

Some are even wondering if it’s even possible to get the performance they were expecting. So let’s take a look at what this means and how you can make sure you’re getting the performance you deserve from your GPU.

How To Use The GPU In A Gaming PC?

Why Is My GPU Not Being Fully Used In Games? Quick Guide 2022

For those who don’t know, the graphics processing unit (GPU) is the “brain” of a gaming computer. It’s responsible for doing the heavy lifting of creating the 3D models that the computer displays on the screen.

And while it’s true that the CPU does most of the work in any modern game, the CPU is responsible for taking information that the game developer provides and converting it into a form that the GPU can understand.

Why Does My PC Not Use My GPU For Games?

There are several reasons for the PC not to use the graphics card for games. Let’s take a look at each of them and how they can be solved.

  • The monitor has no connection to the graphics processing unit. 
  • The drivers are over the age of 65. 
  • The computer has an integrated graphics processing unit. 
  • There are problems with the slot or the board. 
  • There is a graphic card that is broken.

Monitor And GPU

If you want to put a graphics card into the board, you need to connect the monitor to the card and not the board. The computer should not be turned on. You need to connect the end of the HDMI cable to the port on the graphics card. 

The other end of the cable needs to be connected to the monitor’s HDMI port. The computer needs to be turned off. Make sure that the cable is out of the way and not tangled. There is no need to touch it again after the connection has been set.

Updating Drivers

Updating the graphic card’s drivers will be necessary if they are outdated.

The manufacturer’s website is where you should go. You can choose the driver option or the graphics card model. 

If you want to install the latest drivers, download them. The computer should be able to be rebooted. The computer should use the graphics processing unit as its default function.

Disable Integrated GPU

The new graphic card may not be used if you already have an integrated graphics card on your computer disabling the existing one is what you will have to do.

The Control Panel is where you need to go. The open device manager can be used to manage hardware. Click on the display accessory you want to use. The graphics card should be disabled by right-clicking on it. In some cases, this will allow the computer to use the graphic card that was inserted separately.

Other Issues

If the graphic card is damaged or malfunctioning, insert it into another board. To make sure the slot is not damaged, check the motherboard and the slot. In such instances, you will either have to buy a new graphics card or computer board.

When I Play Games, Why Does My GPU Usage Seem So Low?

The term “low performance” refers to the low usage of the graphics card during the game. This can happen when the computer doesn’t use the graphics card fully. 

There are different reasons for this (software or hardware). Irregular or not enough power supply issues with the video driver are related to the overheating of the graphics card.

Issues with the game’s software are underpowered and it has problems with the Scalable Link Interface and Crossfire. If you identify the problem and fix it, you can increase the usage of the graphics card in games. Some of the above issues might need to be fixed by a technician.

What Is The Best Way To Make Sure A Game Is Using My GPU?

It is easy to make sure that the games are running on your dedicated graphics card. The process is different from the two other companies. We will take a look at both of them.


Go to the control panel of the graphics card manufacturer. Select program settings if you want to choose to manage 3D settings. If you have to add Generation Zero to the directory, you should use the second drop-down list to choose the preferred graphics processor. Go to the settings and save them. If you can’t see the second option, that means there are no dedicated GPUs.


Follow the same steps that were mentioned. From the options, you need to select PowerPlay. Save the settings when you set the plug-in to maximize performance. The only thing you have to do is to set the dedicated graphics processor to high or maximum performance.

Is My GPU Showing 0% Usage?

The computer is running on an integrated graphics card, not a dedicated one, and it will show zero usage. There is a monitor connected to the computer. The games are not open, the drivers are not updated.

Monitoring software is useful in that it gives us a more accurate look at how a specific device is performing. It can also help us identify problems before they become major issues. There are plenty of ways to overclock a graphic card. Just be sure you’re using a good software program that can do this.

How To Increase GPU Usage For Games?

Vsync and other frame rate limiters can be disabled to increase the usage of the graphics card in games. Some games have fixed frame rate limiters, which can be cut off at 60 frames per second. 

Even if it is capable of handling much more, the usage of the graphics processing unit can not be increased. Playing the game at a higher resolution will increase the use of the graphics cards. Increasing the graphical settings will increase the usage of the graphics cards.

Game Title And Version

The computer is not powerful enough to run fast games if the graphics processing unit usage is not high. The newer games like First Person Shooters need more power to run at their top speed, which is why they are graphics-based.

Use Razer Cortex

There is a free platform that allows you to run games faster and at higher speeds. closing down other programs on the computer will increase the usage of the graphics card by preventing them from interfering with the game. 

The software will automatically restore the programs to their previous settings once the game is over. There is a chance that the computer’s memory can be wiped off because of improper use of the software.

GPU Usage Is Low In Only Some Games

The game doesn’t require a high graphics card and has a fixed rate of performance. Darkest Dungeon, Portal 2, Monster Train, and many other games are examples of such games. The system is not able to use the maximum performance of the graphics card because it is being slowed down by the processor. 

There is nothing that can be done about the game is the reason. To find the reason for the problem, you need to know how much each thread is being utilized and how much the processor is being used. If the problem is more than the actual usage of the CPU, then it’s time to upgrade it.

Enable HPET (High Precision Event Timer) In BIOS

Go to System Utilities and select System Configuration if you want to restart the computer. Select the platform configuration that you want. There are advanced options to choose from. It’s a good idea to remove HPET ACPI support.

This should smoothen out the graphics and increase the number of frames per second, which in turn will increase the number of frames per second. Slow RAM speed can result in less usage of the graphics card in some games.

Increase RAM Speed

There is an increase in the RAM speed through the BIOS settings. Open the computer and check the memory and advanced settings. You should save and quit the system. 

The RAM will be increased to the maximum speed the board can handle. If the usage of the graphics card is still low, you might have to upgrade the board.

How Do I Fix Low GPU Usage And High CPU Usage?

You will need to know where the problem is before you can fix it. The game settings should be adjusted by disabling the graphical settings. If the graphic setting is not high or maximum, the load will fall on the computer. Reducing the number of frames per second will also reduce the amount of time spent on the computer. 

The stuttering screen can be smoothed with the disabling of G-sync. The screen resolution needs to be increased so that the pressure won’t fall on the processor and cause a problem.

Check the drivers and update if necessary. Third-party apps can add to the pressure on the processor. To turn off power-saving mode, go to the BIOS. 

We want the system to be able to run at high power. XMP can be enabled in the BIOS to increase performance. 

The game can be run on four threads in the computer. The expected result should be given by changing the settings. If none of the above options work, uninstall the game. The operating system can be done the same way as the game. If the board is old, replace it with a newer model.

How Can I Fix Nvidia’s Low GPU Usage?

Why Is My GPU Not Being Fully Used In Games?

If the system settings don’t match the graphic card, it can cause some problems. During high-quality games, the graphics card typically touches 99%. You will need to check one by one if it does not.

Screen Resolution

The screen resolution will increase as time goes on. The harder it will be for the CPU to push the frames, the lower the FPS is. The usage of the processor will increase and the use of the graphics card will decrease. GPU settings can be increased to allow it to work harder and take the pressure off the CPU.

Nvidia Control Panel

The best way to maximize the performance of the graphic processor is to open the control panel. To show high use, this should always be set to maximum or high.

Other Reasons

The driver is incompatible with the graphics card or the power supply is low. It is likely that the game doesn’t require high graphics card usage or that the game’s specifications don’t match the capabilities of the graphics card and computer. Some games come with too advanced settings that don’t work with the latest generation of computers.

What Can Be Done To Fix AMD’s Low GPU Usage?

It will be easy to fix the problem if you understand the reason for the low usage of the graphics processing unit. The potential causes in the previous sections have already been looked at. The processes for fixing low graphics card usage are the same ones that were explained earlier.


Graphics cards that are running in Crossfire mode can limit utilization. Some games are not compatible with the Crossfire mode and the bridge could be malfunctioning. If you want to show a higher utilization of the graphics card, try disabling the Crossfire mode for the RX 6800.


If FreeSync is enabled, the usage of the graphics card can be very low. It helps reduce screen stutter, but it will also limit the performance and put more pressure on the processor. Vsync should be turned off if Freesync is already enabled.

SMT (Simultaneous Multithreading)

If you’re using the latest graphics cards for older games, disabling SMT is a good idea. It is possible to enable it again when playing newer games.

How To Fix Low GPU Usage On Gigabyte

The graphics card from Gigabyte has been designed for fast gaming. If the usage of the graphics processing unit is less, that’s a sign of things to come.

There is an issue with the performance of the processor. 

Many background apps put too much pressure on the graphics processing unit. The drivers for the graphics processing unit are not up to date. The computer clock has been underclocked.

Low GPU usage can be fixed by Updating drivers with Afterburner and overclocking the graphics card and RAM. It is necessary to cross-check that the game is a genuine version.


I have mentioned some possible reasons for your GPU not being fully used but it will be better if you get professional help. I hope this post will help you to fix your Gpu Not Being Fully Used In Games. If you have any queries then feel free to comment below. We will try to help you out.

So, these are some of the methods through which you can earn money from gaming. If you want to earn money from gaming then I would suggest you try these methods. 

It will be easier for you to earn money and at the same time, you will get a lot of time for yourself. We hope that this article helped you gain all the information you needed to know. Thanks for reading!

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