Why Is My Port Closed After Forwarding? Simple Guide In 2022

Why Is My Port Closed After Forwarding? Simple Guide In 2022

Why is my port closed after forwarding? This article will tell you all about it.

Automatic port forwarding is the most preferred option as it is very easy to configure. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why your port is closed after forwarding emails.

Port forwarding is the process of forwarding your email to a new email address. But when we forward our emails it’s usually done using the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) protocol. This protocol is the most popular method used for email forwarding. It is because it is easier than other protocols and is more reliable than the others.

Forwarding email is one of the most useful features in Outlook but sometimes it gives an unexpected error and that is the most frustrating thing. So, I have shared with you some reasons why your port is closed after forwarding an email.

Port Closed After Forwarding: Reasons

1. The recipient has blocked your email:

If your recipient has blocked your email then it will not be able to forward your email to any other person. So, you need to check whether your recipient has blocked your email or not. 

2. The recipient is using a junk mail filter:

Junk mail filters are usually used by the recipients to stop the spam emails from entering their email. If you don’t want to receive any junk mail, then you need to unblock the sender from your junk mail filter.

3. Your recipient has turned on “delete” for all the forwarded emails:

If your recipient has set “delete” for all the emails that he/she has forwarded then it will delete the entire history of the forwarded emails and will make it impossible to recover that particular email.

4. Your recipient has blocked you from his/her contacts list:

If your recipient has blocked you from his/her contacts list then it will not be possible for him/her to forward your email to other people.

How Come My Port Is Closed After Forwarding?

Why Is My Port Closed After Forwarding?

An attack on a computer network involves an attacker trying to get into another computer system. The first line of defense for an enterprise or any other large network is usually a firewall.

Multiple Routers Are Connected

Incoming signals need to be sent from the first router to the second. The forwarding port rules are defined in router 2.

Incorrect IP Address

The port forwarding rule can cause a closed port if there is an incorrect address in it. If you want to send a connection, the address must be directed towards the computer you want to connect to.

Router’s Firewall Settings

It’s possible that you set all the rules correctly, but some of the rules do not allow open connections. If this is the case, you can either turn off the firewall completely or reduce the settings to the minimum security level.

Check The Mail Settings

Check the mail settings of your account and make sure that you have given the correct password. It is the most common reason that causes this issue.

Check The Email Client

It is very important to check the email client that you are using because some of the email clients don’t support the features of forwarding. You can use the Gmail app for Android to check the forwarding options.

Port Closed Due To Your Email Server

You may have forwarded your emails to the wrong email server and that is why your port is closed. You may also have a spam filter on your email server which is blocking your emails. So, it is better to remove that spam filter and check your email server settings.

Email Server Issues

If your email server is not working properly then it will automatically close your port. The best thing to do is to check the email server settings and try to fix them as soon as possible.

If your email server is not working then it will automatically close your port. It may happen that you are using a shared email account and someone else has opened it. But if you are using your email account then the problem may arise.

Port Closed Due To Spam Filter

A spam filter will automatically block your emails that are not on the approved list. This happens when you are using a shared email account. If you are using a personal email account then you must remove that spam filter.

Port Closed Due To Your Email Provider

Sometimes your provider may be blocking your port because of some reason. If you are using a shared email account then it may happen that someone else is using your email address. So, it is better to switch to a new email address.

Why Is Port 80 Still Closed After Forwarding?

There are several reasons why Port 80 can still be closed, such as incorrect router configuration, multiple routers on the same network, or the fact that the internet service provider has blocked the port. There are several reasons why port 80 is closed after forwarding.

Website For Port Checking Is Down

Every transmission needs an external website to check if the port is opened or not. You won’t be able to check the status of the port if the website to check it is down.

Router Configuration

If your router is compatible with UPnP/NAT-PMP, please make sure that it is turned on and enabled while the DMZ mode is disabled.

Multiple Devices In The Network

If you have more than one router in your network, you can either turn the middle one into a bridge or manually set the forwarding rules for all of the others. The automatic transmission doesn’t happen if the computer is directly connected to the internet.

Port Blocked By ISP

It is possible that your internet service provider has blocked the ports or has disabled transmission. Make sure to check with your internet service provider to make sure they open one for you.

Is Port 25565 Still Closed After Port Forwarding?

Port 25565 can be closed after forwarding because of a firewall blocking the port, having the wrong IP address configured, or not being able to connect to localhost.

Firewall Blocking Port 

Any transmission is prevented from passing by the settings on the firewalls. It should be configured so that incoming transmissions are allowed to pass.

Wrong Configuration

The addresses can be configured incorrectly. The exact location of the computer is what you have to specify.

Issues With External IP Addresses 

If you can’t connect to the server or localhost, it is most likely a problem with the server. If it is an external issue, then you need to contact your ISP.

How To Open A Blocked Port After Forwarding:

You can access the configuration page by searching for your router’s IP address.

If you want to check the default gateway for Windows, start by selecting Network and Internet.

If you want to check the number on the right of the router, you have to use the Apple Menu. The address was figured out in step 1 when you open a browser tab.

The port forwarding section can have different names depending on the routers, so look for it once you have entered the console.

A virtual server for Port forwarding gaming. If you want to open your desired port, you must enter the required information.

If you aren’t certain to use both options, the application name and description service type might be the best choice. If you are opening multiple ports, start with the lowest number and end with the highest number in your range.

The private internet address of the PC or device will be asked. It is important to enter this information correctly. Once you have configured the ports, restart your routers and save and apply the settings.

After Port Forwarding, Do I Have To Restart The Router?

Why Is My Port Closed After Forwarding?

Wait for 20 to 30 seconds after you unplugged your modem and unplug your routers. Wait for another 10 seconds for your modem to be connected. Test your connection for 2 minutes after plugging in the router.

Even though port forwarding is an issue with many D-Link models, the best part is that almost all of them have the same user interface and navigation systems.

You must be aware of some other important information before I tell you the steps. There are a few basic components for port forwarding in a D-Link router/model. There are available ports for forwarding the address of the device to another device. As per your WAN port details, you can choose between the two protocols.

The user name and password should be entered in the address bar of the browser.

Click on the box beside the rule that you want to enable in the Advanced Tab. If you want the rest of the fields to be entered manually, select from the drop-down.

Click on save and restart your modem and router if you don’t want to enter the address of the destination computer or device.

If you have a TP-Link modem, then you are just one step away from port forwarding. It will work for models like TP-link AC1200 and TP-link AC1750 if you follow the below steps.

It’s a good idea to set up a static address for the computer or device you want to forward it to. If you don’t do this, the port could close once you restart the computer. Use the default address to navigate to the TP-Link home page in your browser.

Select the Port forwarding option from the left side menu and then click on the Add New button at the center of the screen to add the number. The XBOX can be.

If you want to enable the protocol from the Status box, you need to enter the address of the destination device, post which you choose the protocol, and then click the button. After you click on Save and exit, you are ready to leave.

Not Working With Netgear Port Forwarding

If you’re having trouble getting your Netgear router to work with port forwarding, this article will help you configure the settings to get it working.

The steps are compatible with most of the models of the company. You can open your browser and log in using the default address, but you must enter the admin password.

Select the Advanced tab from the left panel, then go to the Port Forwarding/Port Triggering section, and add a custom service.

The device or machine’s name is starting port and ending port. The address of the destination device is related to the type of service it provides.

Port Forwarding Not Working On Asus

The basic firewall is provided in all the models of the Asus routers. You will be protected against unwanted intrusions over the internet with it. It is possible that you need to open up ports for certain games.

The following steps are good for the variety of products out there, including our range of networking products from ASUS. The address of the device you want to forward the port to can be found in the address bar of the browser and the password can be found on the login page of the router.

Click on the left bar and then select Virtual server/Port forwarding on the top, then click on the radio button to enable it. Service Name Port Range Local IP, Local Port Protocol Click the add button and then save and exit.


This article discusses the reason why your port is closed after forwarding emails. I hope this article will help you to troubleshoot the problem. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

So, if your port is closed or you are getting an error message which says “The port is closed”, then you need to fix it. If you are not sure about the reason for the port being closed, then you need to contact your internet service provider. 

They will guide you through the process of changing your router settings. We hope that this article helped you gain all the information you needed to know for “Why Is My Port Closed After Forwarding?“.

Thanks for reading!

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