Why Is My TV Screen White? (White Lines/White Spots)

Why Is My TV Screen White? (White Lines/White Spots)

If you’re finding yourself wondering why your TV screen is now white, don’t fret! This problem can usually be fixed relatively easily. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most common causes of the question “why is my tv screen white?” Keep reading to find out more!

However, when you are using your TV, you need to check its screen now and then because it is the best way to keep your device safe. So, here I am going to tell you why your TV screen is white.

If you are not using a new television, then you are going to see these lines on your screen. These lines are known as white spots or white lines and they are the symptoms of several problems. Here I will tell you what are the causes and the solutions to this problem.

Overheating of the Television The first reason for the appearance of white lines on the television screen is the overheating of the television. The temperature of the television should be maintained below 60 degrees.

Is My TV Screen White?

A white TV screen is a common problem and can occur on any TV. The TV display can go white if the TV is in screen-saver mode or if the power saving settings are set too high.

Daydream Mode Or Screen-saver Mode

One of the reasons why your TV display is black or white is because it has entered screen-saver mode. The daydream mode or screen-saver mode is on when you set the settings. 

When the TV’s clock is not the same as the internet, the daydream mode becomes active. When the clock doesn’t match, the TV fails to download images and instead displays a white screen


Clouding can be one of the reasons why your TV display looks white. Changing the TV settings can make clouding simpler to resolve. If you want to see the manager, you have to go to the TV settings.

Reduce the amount of light entering the building. The light sensor setting needs to be turned on. If the power saving settings are changed, you can see if the clouding is gone.

When Your TV Screen Turns White, What Do You Do?

Why Is My TV Screen White?

Since there are two reasons why your TV screen has turned white, there are multiple ways you can try to get it back. The first thing you need to do is check the time on the television. This is how you match the internet time to your clock’s time if the time is incorrect.

Press Home when you’re not at home. You have to go to the settings to make it happen. If you want to go to date and time, go to device preferences. The automatic date and time option should be unselected. There is a way to set the date and time manually.

Why Does My TV Have Horizontal White Lines?

The failure of the gate drivers causes the white horizontal lines to appear on the screen. Gate drivers are difficult to replace because they are part of the panel. Technical errors or problems with the TV’s functioning can cause this.

If the lines show up on every input, it’s time to check it out. Try to find out if the lines are visible everywhere when you switch to different channels or apps. A picture test should be run if the lines show up on the input.

You can go to settings by pressing the Home button on the remote. The picture menu has a lot of pictures. There is an option to choose the picture test.

White Spots On Your TV Mean What?

White spots on a TV are a sign that the TV has dead pixels or the light is not spreading all over it.

Dead Pixels:

The TV screen is made of lightweight materials. A whole picture can be created on the screen by the light emitted by each pixel. The white dots or spots on the screen are when the pixels are stuck in one state or have been damaged.

If the reason behind the white spots on your TV is dead, then the only way to get a solution is to replace the screen. It’s important to get your screen replaced at a reliable location.

LED Reflectors: 

There are lights in the TV that are connected to reflectors. The light is spread evenly on the screen, thanks to the reflector. When a reflector shows a problem, it fails to spread the light and leaves a blind spot. 

There are white spots on the screen that are not visible to the naked eye. This doesn’t require a replacement, but a service provider can easily fix it.

How To Fix A White Screen On A Samsung TV

A white screen can be caused by both screen saver mode and daydream mode. The setting is turned on when you set it that way. When the time and date on the TV are not correct, the daydream mode is triggered. 

The internet has a relationship with the date and time of the TV. If the dates don’t match, the daydream mode is turned on. Correcting the date and time will remove the white screen on your TV.

Press the Home button on the remote if you want to go to the settings of your TV. To set the correct date and time manually, you need to select the Date and Time option. You should follow these steps after you have corrected the time.

The Home button can be pressed on the remote. To change settings, go to settings. Click on the Screen Saver and turn the screen off, this is for the new version of the phone. Go to Screen Saver, set it to sleep, and it will do it for you. You can set it to sleep or none if you choose the option Daydream.

How Do I Fix Samsung TV White Spots?

White spots on your television screen can be created by a bad reflector. The television screen is made of light-colored material. Each light has a connection to one of these reflectors. The complete image is created by the light being spread uniformly on the TV screen. 

Sometimes a problematic light source fails to spread the light completely and leaves behind blind spots. This is seen as the white dots on the TV screen, resulting from incomplete image formation.

The screen is made of more than one square inch. There is a light for every inch of the screen. These lights move along with the motion of the images on the screen. 

Some of the pixels get stuck in one position or state when they fail to perform. There is a white spot on the TV screen in this position. White spots can be caused by dead pixels that no longer display different colors. A screen replacement is a solution to this problem.

Fixing White Lines On A Samsung TV

Check to see if the white lines show up on all the channels. It’s a good idea to switch channels and also use apps and games. Taking a picture test on your TV is the next step if they show up everywhere.

Click on the picture test option under the picture or display menu if you want to find the Home button on your remote.

The problem lies with the TV itself if the white lines appear during the picture test. It is possible that the only solution is to replace the screen.

These steps can be used to try and solve the problem before you replace your TV screen.

If you want to turn off your TV, go to the General settings menu and select the Reset to initial setting option.

Fixing LG TV’s White Screen

The first thing you have to do is to check the time on the TV. If the time is wrong, you have to match the internet time to the time on your clock. When your TV is connected to the internet, follow the steps.

Click on ‘Synchronize‘ if you want the date and time setting to set automatically.

Follow these steps if your TV isn’t connected to the internet.

When the net is off, the date and time are not set automatically, so unselect the automatic option and manually set the correct date and time. Most of the time, the problem is solved after the date and time have been corrected.

If your TV screen does not appear blank or white, you can manually switch off its daydream mode.

To get to the settings window, you have to go to it. If the option to sleep is available, turn off the screen saver option and set it to sleep mode. If you don’t have a screen saver option, your TV will have a ‘None‘ or ‘Sleep‘ option and you will have to turn it off.

Does My LG TV Have White Lines On Its Screen?

Why Is My TV Screen White?

Gate drivers can malfunction when they display white lines on the TV screen. Gate drivers make up an important part of the panel. It becomes difficult to repair or replace gate drivers when they malfunction. There are problems with the TV caused by a bad gate driver.

If the white lines appear on every screen, you might have to have your TV repaired. If the white lines are appearing on every screen, you should switch channels and use apps. 

If you see them on certain channels, the problems will be solved automatically. If they show up everywhere and during the picture test, then your TV will need to be repaired.

White Spots Appear On The LG TV

White spots on the screen can be caused by two different possibilities. White spots can be created by the two components of the TV screen. The two parts that make up the screen are the pixels on the screen and the reflector on the screen. 

White spots start to appear on the screen when any of these go bad. The screen of TV will need to be replaced in the event of dead pixels. Make sure that the tv screen is of good quality because a bad screen can lead to this problem.

The unit of a bigger picture is formed by the differences between the colors of the particles. White spots on the screen can be created when a group of people stop working and become static. There is a repair that can be done if it is the reflector. If you want to remove the white spots from the tv screen, you can contact your service provider.

What Is The Reason For The White Lines On My Vizio TV?

White lines can be found on the TV screen. There are many times when it is caused by a problem with the internet. Sometimes a bad screen is a reason for it. If the white lines are the same on all the channels, that’s a good sign.

You have to confirm that applications and games are on your TV. Try a picture test if it appears on any of the channels or applications. Your TV screen will need to be replaced if the lines show up.

You can click the home button on your TV remote. The up/down buttons on the remote can be used to access the general settings. It’s possible to find the reset option. This will change the settings to their defaults. If you want to start again, turn off your TV. Your TV will need a new screen if the lines still appear.

The Screen On A Vizio TV Has White Spots

The TV screen is made of light-sensitive materials. A picture can be made on the screen with the help of the light that comes from every pixel. When they are stuck in a single state or harmed, they show up on the screen as white spots. 

If the reason for the white spots on your TV is dead, then the best way to find out is to have the screen replaced. If you want to avoid these mistakes, make a point to get your screen replaced by a location that is certified.

There are a lot of lights in the TV that are associated with a reflector. The light spread on the screen is guaranteed by the reflector. When a reflector shows an issue, it neglects to spread the light and leaves a blank side. 

The vulnerable side of the white spots on the TV screen is what we see. This does not need a substitution yet and can be fixed by a specialist.


So, these are the causes of white lines on your television screen. And if you are facing the problem of white lines on the television screen, then you need to contact your nearest service center to get it fixed. 

You must understand that your screen could be cracked and you need to contact a service center immediately. Don’t think about buying a new Tv; it will not solve the issue. 

So, if you are facing a white screen on Tv, then it is better to contact a service center immediately. Do we hope that this article helped you gain all the information you needed to know for why is my TV screen white?. Thanks for reading!

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