Why Your GPU Fans Won’t Stop Spinning In 2022

Why Your GPU Fans Won’t Stop Spinning

Want to Know Why Your GPU Fans Won’t Stop Spinning? if so, don’t worry, we got you covered. Read this guide thoroughly so you don’t miss anything!

A lack of movement from your fans is what you saw when you switched on your new computer. In some cases, we only notice the fans have stopped working when the graphics card has started to stutter and fail with games it could previously handle.

Sometimes the fans not spinning can be a fault and not just the video card fans sitting idling, which can be highly frustrating. When the new build is not running smoothly, you start to get a bit concerned. 

There are a few ways to solve this problem and the promising news is that it is often a small issue that can easily be fixed, saving you from a costly upgrade or replacement.

How Come My GPU Fans Won’t Stop Spinning?

Hardware Problem

There is a chance that the graphics card may not be fitted correctly in its slot. To remove it from the power cable, take it off the PCI Express slot. The power cable should be connected once again if the graphics card is put back in its slot.

Software Problem

If you do an update of the BIOS driver, make sure it’s the latest version. Most of the time the support site has the latest version of the company. Updating the graphics engine software is something that you may want to do. It is worth mentioning that the update may be extensive. The Windows operating system has been reinstalled by some users.

Fan Temperature Settings

When a specific temperature is reached, the fans are usually set to spin. If you have a Fan Controls setting, you can try adjusting it using tools like MSI Afterburner.

Should My GPU Fans Always Be Running?

The fans on the graphics cards don’t start running until the temperature of the graphics card reaches a certain level. The fans will not run if they are below the limit. It is not likely that they will run as soon as you turn on the computer.

The minimum preset temperature may not be reached and the fans may not run if there isn’t a lot of activity from the graphics card. The graphics card software can be used to change the fan settings so that they turn on when you set the temperature. 

The fans will only start running when the temperature of the graphics card is between 50 and 55C. When the Graphics Processing Unit cools down to around 30C, they stop running automatically.

GPU Fans Aren’t Spinning?

While searching for a solution to your fans not spinning, you may have come across a term called “idle“, which is a common trait of modern graphics cards.

The fans will only start to spin when there is a need for it, saving power and keeping noise levels down, because of this. When the graphics card is put under a bit of stress, the fans should startup, so that you can check to see if your fans are just idling and not faulty.

This process can be sped up if you load up your most graphically demanding game. You can use benchmarking software that will push your graphics card like Furmark/3dMark/Unigine.

If you install a program like MSI afterburner, you will be able to change the fan speed on your graphics card and it could be the catalyst to get them going. If you want to monitor this, you can use the afterburner. It is worth trying a complete restart at this point.

A restart is a go-to fix for a lot of common issues and you would be surprised how often it works. If you know how to disassemble the graphics card, it’s not a problem.

Other Issues That Could Be Stopping The Fans From Spinning

Sometimes with a fresh build, the odd cable can be loose, because we forgot to plug it in entirely, or it wasn’t completely held in. You can take a look at your PC by removing the side panel. Some lower power graphics cards don’t use PCIe power cables as they can run off the power coming through the lane instead.

It is important to make sure that everything is plugged in when you are inside your computer. If any of the cables are stuck in the cards fans, that’s another thing. 

If the fans are still not spinning after you swap out the PCIe cable with a spare from your PSU box, you need to re-test your system. It is going to be a different issue if the fans are still not spinning the video cards.

What Should I Do If My GPU Fan Is Constantly Spinning?

Why Your GPU Fans Won't Stop Spinning

Loose Cable Connection

If there is a cable that is not connected to the graphics card, you should check it out. Plug it back in again after removing it.

Adjust Fan Settings

It is possible to modify the fan profile with a utility tool. For a specific temperature range, this will make the fan operate only at a set speed. When the temperature is low, it’s a good idea to set the fan speed to auto and the Fan Curve to shut down. In the Enable low-level hardware access interface dropdown menu, you can choose the mode you want to use.

Faulty Graphics Card

A faulty graphics card can be caused by the failure of transistors at high temperatures. This can cause the fans to spin in different directions. The problem will be solved if the card is replaced with a new one. If you want to do the replacement before re-installing the graphics card, you have to do that first.

BIOS Update

There is a possibility that the video card needs a BIOS update. This may affect several other settings and should be done with caution. It would be a good idea to keep this as the final option.

Why GPU Fans Spin When Idle

There are a lot of reasons why the fans spin when they are not being used. The spinning is likely to be the result of a loose connection if the problem started after you swapped or changed one of the boards. 

Ensuring proper connection and correct seating is what you should do to make sure everything is in place. There is a chance that the fan is loose in the graphics card.

There are a lot of reasons why the fans spin when they are not being used. The spinning is likely to be the result of a loose connection if the problem started after you swapped or changed one of the boards. 

It’s a good idea to check for a software setting that needs to be done to stop the spinning. There is a chance that the motherboard is faulty. If the problem persists, you can fit another board. If that doesn’t happen, you’ll have to replace the board. The graphics card may be malfunctioning.

If the fans don’t spin in the inactive state when you use the Windows operating system but use the Ubuntu operating system, it could be because of a driver compatibility problem. It is possible to change the driver setting or use a different driver. There is a possibility that the graphics card could have a power distribution problem.

You should uninstall the driver that you currently have and install the latest one from the driver’s website. Set the speed of the fan to 20% when you’re not playing games or doing graphics-intense activities and install a utility tool like an Afterburner. If you create a custom profile you can make the fans run at a slow speed until the temperature goes up.

There is a possibility that the temperature setting could be very high. You can lower the settings on your graphics card if you have one from the manufacturer. The master/primary VBIOS is being used instead of the slave/secondary VBIOS for the graphics card to function. If you slide the small VBIOS switch to the opposite position, you can change this. The switch is near the power connection.

GPU Fan Spinning But Not Detected

You can check out for one or more of the following if you notice the fan spinning but it isn’t getting detected.

There is a problem between the graphics card and the board. It’s possible to fix the problem by changing one of them. The slots are either malfunctioning or damaged. Detection can be enabled by getting this set correct.

Before getting a new one fitted, it’s a good idea to clean the connectors on the graphics card with rubbing alcohol and make sure they work. A faulty power supply unit could be to blame for some of the damage.

There is a chance that the graphics processing unit may be dead. If you get the same response, then you can check this by fitting it on another system. If that’s the case, you should change the faulty graphics processing unit.

The power supply unit may not be able to keep up with the power requirements of your graphics card. If you want another video card with matching power requirements, consider opting for it.

GPU Fan Spinning But No Signal

Why Your GPU Fans Won't Stop Spinning

If you observe the fan spinning but there is no signal, you can try out one or more of the tips given below:

If the fan spins along with the system posting but there is no signal, the graphics card is likely to be dead and will need to be changed. If there isn’t a posting, you should check for a dead PCI express slot or short. 

If there are loose connections to the graphics card, you should tighten them. Plug the power cord and monitor cable back into the card tightly after a minute. This helps in changing the monitor’s settings. 

If you want to reset the memory sticks, you need to remove them one by one, clean the contacts, and fit them back in position. Plug the HDMI cable from your graphics card into the computer’s power supply. If you want to turn on the computer, plug it back in.

If the power supply unit on your computer isn’t working, you need to check your graphics or video card. The problem with your card is the same if you get the same result.

GPU Fan Spinning Up And Down

If you notice your graphics card fan spinning up and down suddenly, you can try some of the tips given here. Reinstallation of the latest version of the driver is recommended. 

If you use an operating system like Windows 10, they tend to get corrupted sometimes. Check to see if there is any obstruction to the fans or power cables. The other fan tends to spin at full speed if one is blocked.

Make sure the temperature settings of the fans are correct. Make the necessary adjustments to the Fan Curve and increase the Cut-on point if they have the correct setting. It’s a good idea to check the position of the heatsink and the flow of air.

There is a possibility that the graphics card has a faulty fan control chipset. If this is the case, the card will have to be replaced because the chipset can’t usually be repaired.

It is possible that the temperature sensor of the fan could be broken. Try replacing the entire fan unit with a new one if you can’t get the sensor repaired. The slot should be set so that it operates in the Performance mode. If the power delivered from this slot is the reason for the up and down spinning, this can be helpful.


If your video card is still in warranty but your fans are still not spinning, then it is worth contacting the seller directly to organize an exchange or repair, as you have a faulty product. 

This may have been your last chance to get more out of your graphics card if it is old and out of its warranty. This blog on “Why Your GPU Fans Won’t Stop Spinning” would help you with this issue.

You might have to face the fact that it is time to get something new. Whether you need a low-profile replacement or want the best possible graphics card for your setup, you can check out our guides to find the best one for you. It might be a bad time for this to happen, but you tried your best to keep your card going.

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