Why Your GPU Usage Is Too High (at 100%) – Quick Guide In 2022

Why Your GPU Usage Is Too High (at 100%) – Quick Guide In 2022

Why your GPU usage is too high? You are in the right place. Read to know more.

Many PC users are reporting high GPU usage when the card is not even in use. This can lead to a noticeable decrease in performance, and will also result in high temperatures and noise levels due to increased load on the system. 

Luckily for you, we have your back with 11 easy steps that should resolve this issue. Windows 10 is a potent operating system in its own right. However, sadly enough, being a robust ecosystem- it does throw in a few errors when you least expect it to. 

One such issue is the GPU usage pegged at 100% even when idle. Are you facing the one particular problem where you find your GPU is always at 100% usage even when your system is idle? Here are a few fixes that can address the problem for some of you.

What Exactly Is The Issue?

Why Your GPU Usage Is Too High

The title and description should give you an indication of what to expect. If you are forced to experience extreme CPU usage without much apparent usage, the graphics card can cause issues with the applications that you usually use. What happens when the issue manifests itself? 

Well, it should be obvious, right? When you run the PC or laptop for a long time, the clock and the graphics card usage begin to go upwards. This does not appear to have any apparent reason.

You should be able to find the usage on Task manager in a separate tab if you are using the latest version of Windows 10.

How To Fix GPU Usage 100% While Idle?

It may be difficult to find out the exact solution since there is no apparent reason for this issue. The effect has been seen on laptops and desktops powered by the same processor. Rebooting your computer would be the solution for a short time.

This resolves the issue, but only temporarily. The problem will come back once again after a while. You can change the settings if you so choose. However, even this solution can only bring about short-term results.

Check For Malware

One of the primary options to resolve the issue you may be facing concerning the high graphics usage even when your system is not being used is if you have a good antivirus installed and find it working effectively. Take the time to thoroughly examine your system. 

Make sure that you have configured your solution to perform regular scans of your PC at regular intervals. If the issue is caused by a piece of malicious software, you should be able to resolve it without any problems.

Boot Into Safe Mode

Most of the issues you come across on Windows desktops and laptops can be solved with this option. The minimum set of drivers is required for the safe mode to work. 

If you face the same issue even in the safe mode, this will help you find it. It would indicate that some of the 3rd party programs you are running are the culprits if you manage to solve the 100% graphics usage when you are in the safe mode. 

For a more detailed analysis, you can diagnose the drivers and apps. The issue can be brought about by the obsolete or wrongly configured drivers as well.

It should be an indication to prove that the problem is with your graphics driver if you continue to experience 100% graphics usage even in the safe mode. It can indicate an issue with your Windows installation in some instances.

A Rogue Program

Even when your PC is not involved in any apparent work, there are cases of rogue programs that can continue hogging your graphics card resources. It may seem like it will be difficult to point out these rogue programs. 

If you want to understand the issue, you need to find the problems with your programs. It would be a good idea to uninstall the apps that you don’t use. The performance should be checked after each of the steps to see if the issue has been solved. 

There could be a rogue mining program that uses your resources. It is possible to hide some of the sophisticated mining issues by pausing the function when you access the task manager.

Use Process Explorer From Microsoft

If you want to find and get rid of rogue apps, Process Explorer is an excellent choice. You can get the application from Microsoft and then download it from sysinternals.com. You can use this application to find rogue applications and get rid of them.

You may need to have the technical expertise to identify the legitimate programs and the rogue ones. If you find rogue programs, uninstall them and check if there are any EXE files inside your computer.

If you can, you should be able to find them inside the AppData folder. It is advisable to check out the startup processes and remove any instances that indicate the presence of such applications and programs that may be risky.

Update The Graphic Driver

Even with no use, and obsolete or damaged graphics driver can cause issues related to 100% GPU usage. It could be a good idea to update the drivers. If you want to rule out damaged or corrupted drivers, you can uninstall the driver and then install it again.

We recommend that you check the official website of your manufacturer for updated drivers. You can use this to find the latest drivers for your performance.

Uninstall & Reinstall Your Nvidia & AMD Graphic Card Driver

If you uninstall the graphics card driver, you’ll be able to resolve high graphics card usage. To do this, you have to navigate your computer’s control panel and go to the device manager. 

Click on “Display Adapters” followed by “Nvidia” to get to the next section. The next step is to right-click and select uninstall, then restart your PC before installing the newest driver from the trusted source.

The Easiest Way To Solve A Problem With High GPU Usage Is To Lower The Quality Of Your Games

If all of these steps do not work for you, we recommend checking your graphics card usage during high-intensity gaming on high settings. There is a chance that the problem could only be limited to certain games.

I have heard people say that high usage is a good thing when playing a game. It is not a good idea to just leave the settings at high because it can have negative effects on your PC.

Disable Background Apps To Lower GPU Usage

Sometimes the high GPU usage is caused by the windows based background apps running in the background. You would think that they would be smart enough to know when my PC isn’t being used and stop using up all of this processing power, but not.

Turn off any high-processing CPU high GPU usage apps. Also, change the power plan to “Balanced” or “Power Saver”, it will automatically decrease your high GPU usage!

Check Your Power Plan Settings – Turn Off Any Plans That Say “High Performance” And Only Run On Balanced Or Power Saver Mode

It is possible that the high-performance mode on your power plan is to blame for the higher usage. If you want to change this, you will need to check the settings in your power plan.

You can change the plan settings by going into Control Panel > All Control Panel items > power options and then clicking on the Change plan settings option. Once done with those changes, click “Save Changes” and your PC will be running a little better.

Check Your System For Malware And Remove Any Found

If you find a virus that is causing the issue, try scanning the pc and removing any viruses that you can find, it can help you reduce the amount of time you spend on the computer.

Boot Your PC Into Safe Mode

One of the most common solutions for Windows machines is the Safe Mode. Safe mode can help you identify if your problem persists even after running in low graphics mode. However, some games or programs might not play properly in Safe Mode.

Is A High GPU Usage Bad?

Why Your GPU Usage Is Too High

It’s not a bad thing if you use a lot of the graphics processing unit. A high graphics card usage is a sign that you are using your card to its fullest potential. You should be happy that your card is performing at its optimal level. The cards are designed to give you the best gaming views and maximum frame rate.

If the processor is slow or there is a limit on the number of frames per second, your graphics usage may be blocked and it may not be performing as well as it could. There is a time when you should be concerned.

How To Decrease GPU Usage

If you still want to reduce the amount of processing power on your computer, try these suggestions.

V-sync is one of the frame limiting mechanisms that can be enabled on your computer. This will still do the trick even though it may have a slight impact on the gaming video. It’s possible to change the game settings to increase the use of your graphics card.

There will be game-specific changes like a higher resolution or Future Frame Rendering. If your graphics card is showing extreme usage due to external traffic, then you might want to block these external links.

Killing the background apps or unnecessary processes is one of the reasons for the spike in GPU. This may make it difficult for you to enjoy your gaming experience. If you kill these unnecessary apps, you will be able to enjoy your game more.

How To Lower GPU Usage In Windows 10?

We are going to talk about the high graphics usage specific to the windows machine and what you can do to decrease it. If you are seeing spikes in the graphics card usage, it could be related to some exe files running in the background or an upgrade to the app that is rolled out now and then. It’s possible to fix the issue by running a repair upgrade. It worked very well for my machine.

Calculators, calendars, alarm clocks, etc. are some of the background apps that are reported to have a problem with Windows-based machines. Even when it’s not used, you can still eat up the graphics processing unit. 

There is a possibility that disabling these apps from running in the background is a solution. It is possible to set the power management mode for these apps as adaptive.

Most of the problems on the windows machine can be solved with the help of Safe Mode. This helps to figure out which external or third-party app is causing the issue and only evokes the necessary drivers. If you zero down on the problematic app, you can uninstall it to save your graphics card.

Sometimes, reinstalling the GPU driver is the easiest solution. Give it a try.

What Should My GPU Usage Be When Gaming?

The usage should be between 98% and 100% if you’re looking for maximum output from your graphics card. If your usage is less, it means that something is blocking your graphics card from being used fully.

When you see the graphics card usage hitting 100% while playing your favorite game, don’t worry, nothing is stopping you from getting the best gaming experience. It’s a good time to enjoy the game.


If you see a lot of use of the graphics card during gaming, then you should be happy. It just means that your graphics card is being utilized fully and that your other system configurations are supporting it well.

If the spike is not related to the games you play, or if the temperature is high, you need to try out the options mentioned above. In most cases, one of the solutions provided above would work, if that is not the case with you, please get in touch with a qualified technician to have the problem analyzed and fixed.

We hope that this article helped you with all the information you needed. Thanks for reading! 

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