Why Your HP Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi (2022)

Why Your HP Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi (2022)

If your HP laptop keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi, you’re not alone. This article will tell you why your HP Laptop keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. This is a common problem with HP laptops that can be fixed relatively easily.

In this blog post, we will discuss the causes of this problem and how to fix it. We need to be connected to the internet most of the time, whether it is for editing a website or uploading a video to a video-sharing website. 

We can’t reach that connection because of a poor signal or no signal at all. With the increasing number of people buying an HP laptop for their business, most of them are facing the problem of their laptop not connecting to the internet even after setting up the internet connection.

The internet has made the life of people easier, but we cannot deny the fact that it has its side effects as well. If you are using your laptop and you feel that your laptop is not connected to the internet, then you need to check your internet connection and see if it’s working or not. If it’s not working then there could be a reason for it. 

Identifying what is causing the problem so that you can fix it is the first thing you need to do, as having a laptop that keeps disconnecting from the internet is extremely annoying and can be caused by several different issues. We’re going to discuss why does your laptop doesn’t connect to the internet.

Reasons: Why Your HP Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-fi

Why Your HP Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi

Your Device Is Not Compatible With The Router

If you are using a laptop and a router, then it’s very likely that you might be having a problem with the router. If the router is not compatible with the device, then it will disconnect from the network.

The Router Is Faulty

Sometimes the router is also faulty. If the router is faulty, then there could be a lot of problems.

The signal of the router is weak

If the router is not giving you the best possible signal, then your laptop will disconnect from the internet. You can try changing the channel or increasing the signal strength.

The Power Of Your Router Is Low

If your router is low on power, then your laptop will disconnect from the network. You can try using an external power source or use a surge protector.

Check Internet Issue

An issue with the internet connection may be the reason for the disconnection. To find out what the problem is, you will want to run an internet speed test. It is possible to test the speed of your service on a variety of devices. 

If you notice certain devices having trouble accessing the web while others continue to enjoy fast browsing experiences, this would suggest that there is a problem specifically related to the connection between your modem and/or routers and your internet service provider.

Hardware solutions may be required here to improve the performance of your internet-connected device. If you suspect there is a technical malfunction between the two pieces of equipment, feel free to contact Synergy for assistance with any issues you are experiencing related to slow loading times.

Update The Drivers

The appropriate driver files are needed for your laptop to function properly. Many laptops come with Windows-designed drivers, but they could have been corrupted and you might not be able to connect to an open Wi-Fi network. 

Try and see what happens when you download the latest driver files from your browser because your laptop will support them. If you want to test your PC again, restart it and then use a new network connection.

Access Wifi Settings

You can try to access your settings on the internet. You can go to your device’s Wi-Fi settings using your browser. This will allow you to access the settings of the routers, which are where most of these things are configured. 

If the brand of your router isn’t listed there, they should have a website where all of their updates and instructions are hosted. There may be instructions on where to find the correct configuration of your internet service provider.

It is 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz since it has less interference but some devices may not work with it depending on the brand and hardware. If another recent homeowner nearby is running an experiment in-home Wi-Fi generation which could potentially cause interference issues, make sure there aren’t too many neighbors who got their hands on the same router as you.

Disable Some Power Settings

If your laptop battery settings are not configured correctly, you might have to check it out. Many laptop users feel that their wireless settings are messing with the connection of their laptops in an attempt to save battery. 

If this is the case, we recommend disabling power-saving mode and any other settings that help you conserve or avoid the use of power on your laptop for several hours.

If you make sure hybrid sleep mode is turned off, you can disable it. The action for your lid needs to be changed so that it doesn’t close when you close it.

HP Laptop Keep Disconnecting From Wi-Fi

If the airplane mode is switched ON, the network drivers have been corrupted, or the drivers are outdated, you can keep your HP laptop from connecting to the internet.

  • The mode of travel is switched on.
  • There is a problem with the network drivers.
  • The drivers were out of date.

Airplane Mode Is Switched ON

There is a button with the airplane symbol on some of the HP laptop models. Your laptop might get disconnected from the network if this button is not enabled. This problem can be solved easily with the disabling of this button or symbol.

An Issue With The Network Drivers

Your laptop has multiple network drivers that allow you to connect to different networks. If your network drivers are corrupt, you might be able to see that your laptop is disconnected from the internet. The problem can be solved by uninstalling the corrupt drivers and reinstalling them again.

Outdated Drivers

If the network drivers on your computer are not up-to-date, you might experience Wi-Fi disconnections. This can occur because the drivers have become outdated or the wireless access point (WAP) is no longer compatible with your system. It’s best to always use the latest version of your network drivers and/or WAP.

Why Is My HP Laptop’s Wi-Fi Not Working?

Check the official websites of the drivers for the internet and network. The drivers should be updated to the most recent version. The HP Envy 14-eb0000na and HP EliteBook x360 1040 models have outdated drivers that are a common problem.

You can try to resolve the problem by disabling the network devices and powering off the laptop. The laptop should be turned ON again after the hard reset. While performing a hard reset, the data might be erased. 

It is advisable to have a backup of your data before you attempt this. If the above two methods don’t work, you can try out a Microsoft system restore as the last resort to help you fix the network issues.

Why Does My Wi-Fi disconnect When I Close My Laptop HP?

Why Your HP Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi

The power-saving mode setting and the battery management mode setting may be causing your HP laptop to lose its internet connection. If you own the HP Pavilion RTL 8723BE model, you can try the following steps if you find that the Wi-Fi keeps turning off when the laptop is not in use.

  • The device manager window needs to be opened.
  • Click on the option that says ‘Wi-Fi settings’.
  • There is a power management tab.

When The Computer Is Not Awake, Press The Button To Turn It Off.

You can navigate to the Advanced Power Options if your issue is still not resolved.

  • The Control Panel has the option to click the system option.
  • From the left panel, click the power and sleep option.
  • There is a link to the advanced power options.
  • You can select the wireless adapter settings.
  • For the Plugged and battery options, set the performance to maximum levels.
  • The power-saving options will be disabled so that the system can still be used when it is closed.

HP Laptop Wi-Fi Not Working After Windows 10 Update

  • The HP laptop might stop working after a Windows 10 update because of a newer version of the BIOS. This newer version may cause your HP laptop to stop connecting to Wi-Fi after the Windows 10 update.
  • The problem can be fixed immediately if the bios setup is updated to the latest one. In the case of HP notebook models like 5-ac020ds, 15-ac020ds, 15-ac020ds, 15-ac020ds, 15-ac020ds, 15-ac020ds that have Wi-Fi There is a problem with the models that need a bios update.

You Can Try Any Of The Methods That Are Given Below:

  • If the button with the wireless symbol is pressed on your laptop, it’s time to check it out. 
  • You can see if this is true by pressing the icon in the taskbar. pressing the button will help fix the issue most of the time if not.
  • The HP support assistant is required to install. This will let you know which drivers/adapters are not compatible with your system. 
  • The problem will be fixed automatically if the drivers are updated.

How To Fix HP Laptop That Keeps Disconnecting Windows 10

To fix the issue of the HP Windows 10 laptop not connecting to the internet, you can enable the wireless button, update the wireless adapter driver, or check and reset the hardware setting.

Enabling The Wi-Fi Button

Press the button on the keyboard to use the internet. The light on the button will be illuminated if the internet is available. If the button doesn’t have a light, you can check if the Wi-Fi option is enabled by clicking the icon in the middle of the screen. If you can connect to the internet, you should.

Updating The Wireless Adapter

  • The computer management window needs to be opened. From the left panel, you can choose the device manager option.
  • From the list of options on the right side, you can click the Network Adapter.
  • The Update Driver option is available when you click on the name of the appropriate adapter.
  • You can find the updated driver software option by selecting the search option.
  • The latest version of the driver will be searched and updated with this tool.

Checking And Resetting Hardware Setting

The laptop should be turned off when you turn it on.

  • The power cords need to be removed from the wireless modem.
  • Wait for the lights to turn on after a time interval of five to ten seconds, and then re-connect the cords.
  • If you turn the laptop on and wait a few seconds, Windows will connect to the Wi-Fi connection automatically.
  • If you click the button, you will be taken to a website. You have to enter the password before you can click OK.
  • If the connection doesn’t happen, click on the wireless icon on the left side of the screen and choose the Wi-Fi name that corresponds to your connection.
  • If you don’t get any of the above options, you will have to uninstall Windows 10 and get a new one.

FAQ – Why Your Hp Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi

Why Is My HP Laptop Not Staying Connected To WiFi?

Before making any changes, you should update the current official drivers. Right-clicking on the Start button will lead you to the device manager. If your machine is listed, make sure it’s not under the Other devices section.
If it is, open the Services tab of system properties and then stop the Microsoft service. Start Windows in safe mode with networking. Use the HP support assistant to check for the updated wireless driver after opening internet explorer.

Where Is The Wireless Switch On An HP Laptop?

The location of the power button is where most HP laptops come with a wireless switch. If your wireless switch is not located on the side or front of your computer, it could be above the keyboard or underneath one of the function keys that you would use to adjust the volume or pause your music.

Which Does Function Key Turn On Wi-Fi?

If you are using a laptop, you can lock the screen with either a power button or a screen lock, if you check the screen to make sure it is set to enable. Doing this will make it easier to turn on the internet.


I hope you liked these tips to fix your Wi-Fi problem. These solutions are easy and quick to use, so you don’t need to wait for a long time. So, follow these tips and fix your Wi-Fi problem. “why your HP laptop keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi”. If you are facing any other problems then you can comment below. 

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